Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back From the Dead

After four long weeks of no running...tonight I RAN!  Just 2 easy miles on the trails.  My foot felt good..no pain.  I'm icing it now and going to baby it tomorrow then do another 2 miles Thursday.  Hallelujah! 
To stay in shape, I joined a boot camp class at my gym and have been doing that 3 times a week during the past month.  I'm definitely building some muscle (which I needed) but I sure felt out of shape cardio-wise this afternoon.  Looking forward to building up my mileage again! Going to do it very very verrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly though. Or try to anyway.  : )

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sooooo....after my run with the trail group last Saturday it became apparent that some time off was needed.  The plantar fascitis was worse, my arch was killing me and now my big toe was numb.  Eek!  I haven't been to the doctor but believe I have P.F. and a strained hallux tendon.  Definitely time to take time off from running.  I have 3 races I'm signed up for in February but nothing on the schedule until then.  So the plan is, no running for me in December but LOTS of cross training.  I signed up for a boot camp class and went mountain biking yesterday.  I had forgot HOW MUCH freakin' fun mountain biking is! I guess that is the plus side to taking a running break is I rediscover other things.  :)  I'm going to a yoga class today.   Daily I'm doing lots and lots of stretching, foam rolling my calves, using the Footlog for my PF, sleeping in a Strassburg sock, icing my foot 3 times a day and massaging the arch with Arnica.  Cross your fingers for me that all this works and I'm doing the right things! 

Happy running out there, friends!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Protein Pancakes

I found the best recipe while browsing through Oxygen magazine and thought I'd share it on here.  I'm a vegetarian runner and struggle sometimes to meet my protein needs.  These tasty little pancakes are 42 grams of protein per serving and about 380 calories and 6 grams of fat. 
They are very tweakable!  I've added blueberries before flipping the pancake.  Cottage cheese was running low one time and I added less than called for and they still came out great.  I've added three egg whites instead of two and still yummy.  I think you can take this base recipe and customize to what works for you.  And they are DEEE-lish!  I don't use syrup, just make them the night before and take them to work with me the next morning.  Love portable breakfasts like this! I heat them up and eat them plain while drinking coffee.  Or, I slice a banana lengthwise and wrap a pancake around the banana and eat it, pig in a blanket style.

The recipe:

1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats
2 egg whites
1 tbsp ground flaxseeds
1/3 cup low-fat cottage cheese
1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Blend all ingredients until you have a smooth and fluffy batter.  I use a Magic Bullet (love, love, love my Magic Bullet) but a blender would work just fine. 
I start heating my skillet over medium heat before blending the ingredients, that way it's nice and hot by the time my batter is ready.  I lightly spray my skillet with olive oil.  Pour batter on skillet and flip once.  This recipe is one serving and makes 3-4 pancakes depending on how large you like 'em.

 Oats just make everything better!

 Some vanilla protein powder..

 Ready to blend.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Group Trail Run

What a fantastic day out on the trails! Temp's in the 60's and a fun group of people.
O.T.R.A. (Oklahoma Trail Running Association) ran at Clear Bay this morning.  I got in almost 10.5 miles and got to spend it with friends..what a great Saturday morning.  Then we all headed to town for lunch at Panera.  What did I ever do before I had my fun group of friends to trail run with??  Love these people!

Happy weekend, everyone.  : ) 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunset Trail Run

The perfect evening? This!

I needed to mark some parts of the trail that the trail group will be running on this Saturday and we had a gorgeous evening to do it. 
Saw lots of deer.  Saw a hawk flying off with some poor small animal in his grasp.
Got some marking done and 4 miles of running in.  

My tummy is full of tempeh veggie stir-fry.

And now time to relax with a book.  Anyone read or reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?  I just started it yesterday and am already hooked!

'Night all!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Rockledge Rumble 30K Race Report

First, the good.   Getting to spend the day with great friends was priceless!  It was a beautiful day at Grapevine Lake for the 15th annual Rockledge Rumble.  Woke up to 47 degrees, light breeze and sunny sky.  Dallas had gotten some rain the previous couple of days but the trails are pretty sandy and were in great shape.  The high was expected to reach the low 60's.  Just perfect conditions for a trail race!  Tom Krull does a phenomenal job as RD and everything runs like clockwork.  There are great volunteers and the race is honoring our wonderful veterans. 

I had arrived in Rockwall, TX the previous evening to crash at Holly's house.  She fixed a delicious meal of whole wheat spaghetti and crusty yummy bread for me and some other friends that were going to be running the next day and I had two helpings just to make double sure that I was fully carbo-loaded.    ;  )

We woke up at 4:30 to get ready, packed up and eat our peanut butter english muffins.  It's about a 45 minute drive from Rockwall to Grapevine and once we got there we got a close parking spot and collected our race packets and met up with some friends. 

We were thrilled with the race shirt! Last years shirt was great, this one was even better.  Patagonia Capilene with a front zipper and awesome design and logo.  Love this race!

We hung out in Mike's truck since it was a bit breezy and chilly standing around waiting. 

The 50K'ers were off and we were next 15 minutes later.  After some quick instructions and a prayer, then a countdown from one of the veterans we were off!  There is a short 1/2 mile paved section before you hit the single track and we tried to stay towards the front to middle of the pack so that we weren't stuck behind slower runners once on the single track.  The first couple miles flew by and I felt great.  I kept hearing the unmistakable sounds behind me of people falling and other people helping them up and asking if they were ok so I knew I needed to be really careful and watch my step.  There were lots of freshly fallen leaves on the trail that hid the sharp rocks and the little stumps underneath.  At a little past mile 4 it happened.  I was running one second and heading face first into the ground the next.  I had caught my foot on a looped root and came down hard on my left knee.  The pain was immediate but I jumped up and tried to run it off since there was a group of people right behind me and I didn't want to slow them up.  I could feel my knee swelling and feeling some sharp pain in my patellar tendon.  Right about that time the plantar fascitis started flaring up again too.   That's when mentally I started to check-out.  I'm not sure why, but the wheels started coming off and I wasn't sure how to get myself back into my race.  I went from running down the trail enjoying the scenery and enjoying the race to just trying to figure out how I was going to make it another 17 miles and just be done. 

My friends did a good job of setting a good pace and that kept me going forward.  Until my friends started falling too.  They had some bad falls and even some blood.  We made it to the 10.1 mile turnaround and after that we all started slowing down.  Holly had four bad falls, Doug had two or three and it just got hard to even walk, much less run.  Holly's first marathon is coming up in three weeks and we just decided to take it very slow and easy rather than risk a fall that would jeopardize her upcoming marathon.  I think I did a pretty good job with hydration and carried two small handhelds throughout the race which I refilled at the aid stations.  I started out with Gatorade but the aid stations only have Heed which I just can't drink (yuck) so I mostly drank water and took an S! cap every 30 minutes or so.  Ate some potato chips, pretzels and PB&J sandwichs at the aid stations.

One really cool part of the course that I have to mention is the bamboo forest.  I can't remember exactly which mile we were at, somewhere around 6 or 7 I think?  Anyway, all of a sudden you are smack dab in the middle of very tall, thick bamboo and it's beautiful!  Takes just a couple of minutes to run through it, but very cool.  You don't feel like you are in Texas at all.  It has a jungle feel.  I didn't get a picture so I "borrowed" one from The Trail Jogger.  (Thanks Thomas, hope you don't mind!)  : )

The last three miles were excrutiating on my foot.  If I could of dropped somewhere, I would have.  It's lucky for me there were no aid stations along that section or I would of asked for a ride back to the start/finish.  We finished the race though and got our handmade ceramic medallions.  (One of the special finishers awards this race offers that I think is so cool!)  Now I have two!

About an hour and 15 minutes slower than we expected we would, but we finished.  Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention is that although this race is called a 30K, it's actually a little over 21 miles, which is almost a 35K.   After enjoying some of the great red rice and beans at the pavilion, I headed back to Oklahoma.  It was a long three hour drive home.  I stopped at a gas station for some coffee and Advil, pulled off my shoes and socks and assessed the damage to my feet.  A couple of toenails are probably goners and I had a few blisters and some swollen feet.  Put on my compression socks and got back on the road. 

Now with a good nights sleep I am feeling much better.  Not nearly as much soreness as I expected although my knee is pretty swollen and tender.  I have a much needed massage appointment tomorrow and can't wait.  The plan is to take some time off and let my knee and plantar fascitis heal. 

My spirit was so broken after this race that I cried when I was finally alone and in my car after the race.  But a friend said something that I'll always remember.  He said, "It's not the easy runs that make you great, it's the tough ones."   How right he is.  So I'll be back next year to run that 30K and with some experience under my belt now for it hopefully it will go much better.  I'm already thinking of what I can do differently and how to better prepare for it mentally.  I thought my training was good and I had plenty of long trail runs under my belt but I am going to work on not going out so fast.  Next race will be slow and steady with the distance I have to go in mind.  Every race I definitely learn something new and hope to run smarter the next time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Touch of P.F.

Rockledge Rumble 30K is fast approaching (Saturday), and I have developed some plantar fasciitis.  Ruh-oh! 
I noticed it during my long run on Saturday and my left foot has been achy and sore ever since.  Especially when I first get up in the morning.  So no running for me this week.  I’ve been icing it several times a day and taking some Traumeel which is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Does anyone know anything else that I should/could be doing for it?  It’s hurting right along my arch and a little ways up the side of my foot towards my ankle. 
I’ve ran 24 miles so far in November and I’ll have 21 miles on Saturday but it looks like I might have a little catching up to do after this week for my November 100 mile challenge.  Hopefully this PF will go away quickly.  It doesn’t feel very bad yet, so I think there is hope?!?! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

100 Mile Challenge

A blogger friend, Thomas, has started a 100 Mile Challenge through DailyMile.com and I decided to give it a try.  Participants have all of November to get to 100 miles.  And I'm off to a good start with 7 trail miles tonight!  I love challenges like this because I push myself further than I normally would.  I had originally planned to run 4 miles tonight but upon figuring the numbers in my head so that I could average 25 miles a week for 4 weeks to reach my 100 miles, I realized that I should probably do 6 tonight.  After running three loops at my favorite trail my mileage was at 6.4 miles.  So I did the natural thing that someone trying to eek out as many miles as possible would do and ran an extra .6 miles to round it out at 7 miles!  YAY! 

The plan is another 7 mile run and a 3 mile run this week, then a 9-10 miler this weekend.  Next week I'll take it easy and just do a couple of short runs because next weekend is Rockledge Rumble 30K!!!!!!  I've looked forward to running this race with Holly all year long.  And the almost 20 miles I'll run at RR will help me reach the 100 mile goal as well. 

If you'd like to join in the challenge it's not too late!  Here is the link:  http://www.dailymile.com/challenges/2076-let-s-run-100-miles-together

Let's run 100 miles together! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Compression Socks Make My Legs Happy

I recently bought a pair of compression socks so I could see if there was really anything to them.  After every run, I put on the socks and wear them for a few hours.  Amazingly, I've seen a huge difference!  My recovery time is cut in half and my legs feel better than they have felt in years.  I ran my longest run ever Saturday and wore the compression socks for several hours afterwards.  Sunday I had some slight leg soreness but not nearly as much as I thought I would. Monday my legs felt absolutely perfect and rarin' to go.  That is not typical for me at ALL.

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried compression socks or sleeves and if they have noticed a huge difference in recovery time as I have?  Also, do you wear the sleeves or socks?  And do you wear them while running or just afterwards?

By the way, the brand I have is Zensah and while I like them a lot, they were pretty pricey.  I would guess that all compression garments work pretty much the same and one brand would be as good as any other, but since Zensah is the only brand I have tried, I can't say for sure.   


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Dirty Dozen 6 Hour Trail Race Report

 Katharine talked me into signing up for Double Dirty Dozen 6 hour race a couple months ago. 

Honestly, I wasn't excited about it at first.  The idea of running a two mile loop over and over again wasn't hugely appealing.  As the event grew closer, I started to see the positives to doing a two mile loop.  First of all, aid station every two miles.  Heck, yeah!  This was awesome.  Carried my handheld with some Gatorade and Endurolytes only and got to fuel up with great food every 30 minutes.  Secondly, it was nice knowing the course so well after just a lap or two.  I knew exactly how hard to push on the hilly sections and when to conserve for a hard section coming up.  The first mile of the loop has lots of small steep ups and downs with lots of roots.  The last mile has some double track, flat field and flat fast single track.  I took the first mile conservatively and then ran hard on the second mile. 

One thing I have to mention..the race swag was amazing!  I drove to Bluff Creek Trails (where the race is held) on Friday night to pick up my packet and received this HUGE shopping bag that was quite heavy.  When I got home and looked inside this is what I found.

Two very nice long sleeved shirts, two Hammer gels, pretzels, business card holder, Recoverite powder, Red Bull, Gatorade, granola bar, ginger chews, flashlight, coupons and other odds and ends.  Wow!  Chisholm Deupree is the RD and does an amazing job.  Exceeded every expectation!

There was several options for runners in this event.  You could either do 24 The Hard Way on a 1 mile paved loop and run for 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.  Or, do Double Dirty Dozen for 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours (for those that like to "do it in the dirt").

The 24 hour race went from 9am Saturday - 9pm Sunday.  The 12 hour race went from 6am-6pm.  And the 6 hour race was 12pm-6pm.  When I left home it was pouring rain and strong winds.  I had no idea what it was like 45 minutes north where the race was held but was hoping for the best.  The farther north I drove, the more the skies cleared.  We ended up with hardly any rain at the race, but it was extremely windy!  A few of the tents were blown down and for an hour or two volunteers had to stand and hold down the top of the food tent.  God bless volunteers and the people that make these races possible!

I got to the race site at about 11 am and got my lawn chair and bag set up near the start/finish area.  Got to chat with a few friends and get my chip on.  We started right on time and I settled into a nice easy pace right away.  The trails there are pretty and when the wind would blow hard it would blow leaves down all around me and felt kind of magical!  The temperature was perfect, about 60 degrees and while I'm sure the wind was a big factor for the people out on the paved loop, for the people doing the trail loop with the trees blocking most of the wind it felt great.

I felt like I flew through first couple of loops as the miles kept ticking by.  I was eating something after each loop.  Half a banana, orange slices, gummy bears, peanut butter sandwich and a chocolate GU.  Nothing hurt and I was completely enjoying myself.  Dave surprised me when I was coming in from my 4th loop.  I popped out of the woods and there he was with camera pointed at me.  I wasn't sure he would be able to make it but there he was and that put a little extra pep in my step.  He hung around for a little while and the next loop I got to see and talk to him a bit more before he left.

Right after he left I tripped over a tree root and took a hard fall.  No damage but it shook me up and slowed me down a bit.  At mile 14 I started having leg cramps so bad I had trouble walking, much less running.  Miles 14-16 I ran/walked with Melissa and tried to assess what my body was telling me.  Melissa told me they had vegetable soup at the aid station and I should try that.  Coming in from mile 16 I did just that and almost instantly the leg cramps disappeared and I was off running again.  My legs felt brand new and fresh and I put in my headphones, zoned out and just ran and ran.  Saw Katharine several times throughout the race, (Her and Melissa ran the 24 hour which is mind boggling impressive to me!) and she was looking strong and looked happy as can be doing what she loves to do.  : )

I was really hoping to go over 26.2 this race and almost made it but not quite.  Ended up with 25.3 and got second overall female.  Got a beautiful finishers bracelet.  I cannot recommend this race enough and will DEFINITELY be doing it every year!  Maybe even bump it up to 12 hour next year?  Hmmm...  : )

Instead of my usual hard rock tunes, this race I changed it up a bit and made a mellow playlist with some country and old favorites.  Bellamy Brothers, Brooks & Dunn, Jack Johnson, Zac Brown Band and a few rocks songs thrown in.  PERFECT.  I'll definitely do this in other long races.  Don't know if the other runners thought I was crazy, but I was in such a happy, tired fog the last part of the race that I was singing and having a great ole time.

Next up, Rockledge Rumble 30K on November 13th.

Happy trails to you!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Palo Duro 20K Race Report

Ahhhh...Palo Duro Canyon...  A beautiful, magical place!  I've been hearing for over a year about the beauty that is Palo Duro Canyon State Park.   And about the trails that are scenic, hilly and fun.  Everything that I heard is true, plus about 100!  I was so happy that I was here in this place for the 26th annual Palo Duro trail run.

Dave and I drove the 4.5 hours to PD on Friday morning.  We met our friends H and J at the campsite that they had already set up at Mesquite campground.  It was perfect with a nice covered picnic table and some trees and was right next to bathrooms with hot showers.  NICE! 

After setting up our tent, we went on a hike to check out the trails. 

Here is where I made a stupid mistake.  We had some road and one water crossing between us and the trail we were heading to.  I had on my running shoes and socks and after wading through the cold, refreshing water, I decided I didn't need to take the time to put my shoes and socks back on and just kept walking along the pavement back to our campsite.  (about a 1/2 mile?)  The pavement got hot and felt a little rough on my feet but I didn't think to much of it.  I noticed after arriving back at our tent that my foot felt sore and was hot.  I took a good look and had two blisters forming on the ball of my foot.  I think the hot pavement did it.  So yeah...I was going to be starting my race the next day with blisters.  Totally preventable and stupid on my part! 

We headed to West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX where packet pick-up and the pasta dinner was held at 5:00.  We met up with our other friend M here who had just drove 7 hours and was glad to be out of his truck for a bit.  Pasta dinner was wonderful and there was breadsticks, salad and lemon pie for desert.  Everything was top notch.  The race director had four large screens in each corner of the room that was showing pictures from 2009's race.  Some instructions were given for the race too.

We went back to our "home sweet home" camp and turned in pretty early.

Race morning started early with lots of noise from runners walking and driving back and forth to the bathrooms at 4:00 am.  We all got up and had some coffee.  I ate my standard whole wheat english muffin with almond butter and sliced bananas.  I'd already packed my fuel belt with chocolate GU and 20 ounces of banana NUUN prior to leaving home and had pinned on my bib the night before so there wasn't much to do and with only a 1/2 mile drive to the race start it was a very laid back morning.

It was still pitch dark when the 50K and 5 milers took off.  There was a man playing the bagpipes and it was beautiful watching all the runners in their headlamps and flashlights taking off into the dark with the bagpipes playing.  The 20K race started right on time at 7:30 and by now there was some pink starting to show in the sky.  H, J and I started in the first 1/3 of the pack of runners and although the trail was packed with runners, it was moving along fast and only stopped once or twice due to a traffic jam.  By 3 miles in, the crowd was thinning a little and the sky was lit up a gorgeous pink and orange.  We kept trying to remind each other to look around and see the pretty scenery.  J was able to get around a few people and was off like a shot.  Didn't see him again until the finish line.  H and I kept a pretty steady pace and both felt great.  The temperature was perfect...upper 40's at the start and breezy and stayed pretty cool most of the way through the race.  (The longer distance racers weren't so lucky, it got extremely hot later in the day) 

One of the most interesting things to happen was when we came upon "Reds Rock".  Red Spicer was the long time race director of PD and was a much loved guy in the running community.  From what I hear he was quite a character!  He built a lot of the trails in Palo Duro Canyon.  Sadly, he died in 2008.  I wish I could of met him.  Anyway, when H and I were running by Red's Rock, we both noticed a dramatic temperature drop.  Not a breeze or cool spot, a COLD spot.  Like the temperature felt like it dropped 20 degrees.  Felt like we'd entered a cave.  I know we weren't imagining it because I heard a kid behind me comment that it got cold all of a sudden.  After the race we found out that race tradition is, you HAVE to touch Red's Rock as you pass by.  Being that it was H and I's first year to run this race, we had never heard that.  Maybe Red was trying to gently remind us of tradition?  I'd like to think maybe it was something  like that.  :)

The trail is fun to run, lots of small ups and downs throughout the whole course until about 9 miles in, there it flattens out for about a mile or so which felt great to really open it up and run hard before the hills started again. 

H and I ran together until almost the 9 mile mark.  She took off at that point and made some really good time to the finish.  I stopped at all the aid stations but only briefly.  Ate a small piece of date bar, M&M's, a couple of potato slices with salt, a few pretzels and ate one of my GU's. 

I can honestly say I enjoyed just about every single moment of the time I was on the trails.  H finished about 5 minutes ahead of me and I crossed the finish line at 2:37:26. (Garmin time, not official)  They haven't posted results yet. 

We stayed at the finish line most of the day cheering on runners and waiting on M to cross the line.  It was his first 50K and he kicked butt!  The post race grub was great..hamburgers, veggie burgers, beans and chips.  I heard the temperature got up to 95 that afternoon and I felt horrible for all the runners still out there.  It was dusty, hot and dry.  Very inspiring though to see so many tough it out and cross that line smiling!

After showers and naps, H and J fixed everyone an amazing meal.  Steaks with balsamic glaze and blue cheese crumbles, veggie packs cooked over the campfire with goat cheese followed by dark chocolate covered cherries for dessert.  We played washers and poker and enjoyed the evening, savoring the satisfaction of such a wonderful day!

Sunday morning we got a nice surprise...there was a hot air balloon launch in the park, just a few minutes from our campsite!  We watched the balloons which were so beautiful and graceful looking as they floated above us in the canyon.  H fixed us a wonderful breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, english muffins and gravy.  Mmmmm...

We all sadly packed up and headed home.  Palo Duro...I'll be back next year!  Loved every second of this weekend and this race!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Road to Recovery

Or in my case, the TRAIL to recovery.    : )
After 5 days battling the flu, I now can say I feel officially "better".  Even went for a 3.3 mile trail run and 1 mile street run in my Vibram's last night.  I cannot even express how good it is to feel well and be able to stretch my legs out on my beloved trails again.  Total happiness!

This week will be a light week as far as training goes.  Palo Duro 20K trail run is Saturday!  So ready for some camping, friends, trail running and relaxing.  The weekend after that is the 6 hour timed race, Double Dirty Dozen.  Since I've never done a timed race before I'm not exactly sure what to expect but I know it'll be fun and I'm excited!  Have I mentioned before, I LOVE FALL!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Isn't it a little early in the year for the flu? I'm assuming that's what I have since I'm on my third day in bed and totally miserable.  The Palo Duro 20K is next weekend and being sick in bed all this week is not making me feel confident on a great finishing time for the race.  Hopefully the time off running this week will leave me rested and I will be able to run strong during the race.
Even feeling like crap right now...I'm still SO excited for Palo Duro! Running, camping, spending time with friends, great scenery and s'mores is the recipe for a GREAT weekend!
Now, think I'll go take some vitamin C and daydream about running through those Palo Duro canyons..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Do-Wacka-Do race report

Do-Wacka-Do is a first year trail race held in Erick, Oklahoma which is about as western OK as it gets.  Just a couple miles from the Texas panhandle border. The money raised benefits the Roger Miller museum in Erick.
I initially signed up for this race several months ago with the expectation of running this race alone.  As the race date grew closer, my friend Kim and daughter in law April both decided to run it as well.  There were three distances, 5 miles, 25K and 50K.  K and A both signed up for the 5 mile race and I was signed up for the 25K.  YAY, girls trip!
We all took off a little early and headed to western OK.  After driving 2.5 hours we arrived in Erick, OK and found the Roger Miller museum with no problem.  After picking up our packets which were loaded with goodies such as a really cool tech shirt, beef jerky, highlighters, coupons and a jar gripper/opener thing, we walked a few doors down to a little diner where they had the spaghetti dinner.  It only cost $5 and was delicious.  Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and peach cobbler.  Mmmm!
We decided to drive 12 miles south to the race site to make sure we knew where to go in the morning.  Found it with no problems and got to meet Joel, the race director.  Everyone associated with the race was incredibly nice.
We headed back to the hotel room and went to bed fairly early.  Kim was sick with allergies and I worried she might not get to run in the morning.  (should of known better than that!)

In the morning, we woke up to what felt like 100% humidity.  I knew then it was going to be a long morning.  All three distances started at 8:00 am.  The first few miles flew by and it didn't take long for the runners to thin out along the course.  Pure clay on those trails! I had to stop every 10 minutes or so and scrape the bottom of my shoes on rocks since they would pick up so much mud that each shoe felt several pounds heavier.
Kim and I were running together and just before the turn off for the 5 mile runners announced she was feeling great and was just going to go ahead and do the 25K with me.  I was shocked since her longest run ever was 13.1 miles and that was over a year ago!  But she is in great shape and knew she could do it so on we ran.
I had brought two small hand held bottles with Accelerade in them.  I think I got behind on hydration early on and never quite caught up.  I also brought Succeed! caps was taking them every 30 minutes but everything came to a screeching halt about 9 miles in.  It felt like a truck had run over me and I struggled after that to run more than 5 minutes at a time.  Felt weak and saw spots when I turned my head to fast.  I managed to get through it and perked up a little bit at about the 14 mile mark.  We finished in 3:50 for second and third female in our age group.  We received awesome little wood plaques.

I must say, the course is challenging.   Quite a few very steep hills but at the top of those hills were fabulous sweeping views of the valley and canyons below.  Very thick heavy mud added to the difficulty too. 
Some fun things about this race: 

  • All the aid stations were playing Roger Miller music.
  • There were tons of crystals strewn all over the land, ripe for the picking if you felt like carrying them around while running.
  • Got to gobble up tons of jelly beans at all the aid stations.  (Jelly Belly's rule!)
  • Saw a millipede on the trail.
  • Ran it with Kim which was a pleasant surprise!

April finished strong for her first 5 miler ever! So proud of her!
Will probably do this race again next year..we had a blast!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taper time

Ahhhh...the taper! I love/hate it.  Love the time that's immediately freed up since I'm not running in the evening.  Hate that I eat non-stop and have so much energy I'm bouncing off walls!
Three more days till the trail run and I cannot WAIT!  Is there really anything better than running on new trails and meeting new trail runners?  (I think not)

Happy first day of fall!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just around the corner

All summer long I anticipate fall.  I love everything that goes with fall, the crisp morning runs, planting chrysanthemums, Halloween, the end in sight to lawn mowing and no more ticks.
All through those hot August days I kept telling myself that fall was "just around the corner"...just have to make it to September!  Well, September is here and half over and the temperatures are still in the 90's pretty much every day.  YUCK!  I'm ready for fall to BE HERE!  While I love running, (a LOT) I love running so much MORE when it's cool outside. 
Training is going good still!  Averaging about 25 miles a week. 12 on trails and 13 on the roads.  Once fall sets in and the ticks and poison ivy are gone on my local trails I'm hoping to do all my running on trails.  ITB is fading into the background.  Wearing the ITB strap, icing and only running every other day seems to be doing the trick. (knock on wood)
Do-Wacka-Do 25K trail race is next weekend.  No goals for time really on that race..but I would love to be somewhere around 3 hours. 

Happy running!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Do-Wacka-Do Training

First blog entry! Not sure how consistent I'll be with this blogging thing, but since I do enjoy reading other runners blogs so much I'm going to give it a go.  I want to have a  record to look back on someday of my trail running and races.

I'm 19 days out from the Do-Wacka-Do 25K in Erick, OK.  This is a first year trail race and I'm super excited to run it.  My friend and daughter-in-law will be making the drive with me and they are running the 5 miler. 

My training has been picking up and I'm happy so far with how it's been going the last two months.  The IT Band is still making it's presence known, but is tolerable.  I'm icing three times a day, taking homeopathic anti-inflammatories daily, foam rolling, stretching, yoga and hip strengthening. 

I thought about signing up for Turkey & Taturs 25K next weekend but am afraid that the hills might be to much for the IT Band and I'll set myself back to much.  So I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing and hope that I can keep building mileage.  I'm up to about 22 miles per week now with my last weekend long run of 12 miles. 

So excited that fall is almost here and I'll be able to run trails again with no poison ivy, snakes or chiggers to worry about!