Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Being an ultra runner has felt like such a part of my identity the past few years.  I thrived on pushing my body harder and going longer and longer distances.  When I started showing signs of fatigue and burnout early in 2013 during Rocky Raccoon 50-mile training, I took a break and hoped that it was just a little adrenal fatigue and that I'd bounce back after some active recovery.  That didn't happen and I know now that I have lupus.  Running has taken a back seat the past year while I sorted out my health issues and am finding my new normal.

I'm happy to say that after a few months on immunosuppressants and steroids, I'm feeling a little perkier and a lot less achy than I was.  I'm researching the heck out of natural treatments and committed to staying active and as healthy as can be. Will I ever run another ultra-marathon?  Probably not.

So along life's journey these things come up...and now I need to adjust my goals and prioritize.  And that's okay!  I can still run, albeit not as far or fast.  But I can run!  I can hike.  I can still spend time in the woods and I'm thankful.  Getting to spend a lot more time with my grandson is pretty awesome, too, now that I'm not running as much.

I'll try to share my journey here.  Running with lupus is definitely a whole new ballgame for me.  It's hard to be consistent with training anymore because there are good days, hard days, and NO WAY in the world can I run days (and weeks).

My favorite time of year is coming up...I love the fall so much!  Hopefully it will make training just a tiny bit easier with the cooler weather and I hope to see some of my awesome trail running friends at some trail races this fall.  Of course I'll be running the shorter distances for a change, but that just means I get to cheer my friends on!  :)