Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Road to Recovery

Or in my case, the TRAIL to recovery.    : )
After 5 days battling the flu, I now can say I feel officially "better".  Even went for a 3.3 mile trail run and 1 mile street run in my Vibram's last night.  I cannot even express how good it is to feel well and be able to stretch my legs out on my beloved trails again.  Total happiness!

This week will be a light week as far as training goes.  Palo Duro 20K trail run is Saturday!  So ready for some camping, friends, trail running and relaxing.  The weekend after that is the 6 hour timed race, Double Dirty Dozen.  Since I've never done a timed race before I'm not exactly sure what to expect but I know it'll be fun and I'm excited!  Have I mentioned before, I LOVE FALL!!!


  1. Good luck at the Palo Duro 20K and your 6-hour race! I've never done a timed race either. I might try a 12-hour one in a couple weeks if I can convince my wife to take care of our daughter for the day!