Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Most Favorite Things...This Week

1.        Almond butter.   Doesn’t matter if it’s with jelly, on an english muffin, drizzled on
       oatmeal or smeared all over a banana. 

2.       My Spibelt that Dave got me for Christmas.  Seriously, you put your necessities in it before you run and never notice you are even carrying them.  I can fit my phone, keys and sports beans in there.  Perfect on shorter runs when I don’t need a fuel belt.  Does not bounce or move a bit. Truly awesome. 

3.       Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm.  100% natural and the BEST.

4.       My Touch 4G phone that I recently bought.  How did I live happily before I had a smart phone?

5.       Kaia Foods cocoa bliss buckwheat granola. It’s gluten-free and raw and oh-so-good!  Perfect with greek yogurt.

6.       New Balance 100’s. Minimalist shoe that is just perfect for the mostly soft dirt trails I run on.

7.       West Bend egg and muffin toaster.   That's right, a double duty appliance and it WORKS!  I now have my own homemade Egg McMuffin every morning.  Quick, easy and healthier than a drive through Mickey D’s.  And this leads into number 8…

8.       …spelt english muffins.  Almost tastes like sourdough.  YUM.  Spelt is a grain that you don’t see much and I’m not sure why? Sure tastes good with that poached egg in the middle of it! 

9.       Uncle Lee’s Legends of China Organic Green Tea.  Delicate flavor and I’m currently addicted! 

10.   Traumeel cream for  aches and pains.  It’s homeopathic and used to treat inflammation and tendonitis.  I’ve been using it on my sore foot and it works wonders.

I know this is a quite random list …but this week, these are the things holding me together and making me happy.  J 

I’d love to hear recommendations on your current fave’s! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Deep Freeze Running

Warning..this is a very boring “catch up post” since I haven’t blogged in so long.  But not much interesting is coming to sorry! And thanks for reading.  :)
Winter has hit full force here in Oklahoma with the temps dipping into single digits this morning.  Brrr.   For some reason cold weather doesn’t negatively affect my running as much as hot weather does.  I ran a fun but frigid 5 miles last night.  I find that I actually have faster and better quality runs when the weather is really cold.  That’s not to say that I don’t reeeeeally love a hot shower and coffee afterwards though.  J  Last week my mileage was around 20 miles so I’m easing back up there. 
My injuries seem to be subsiding and I’m getting back to having some pain free runs again.  Yippee!  A little bit of top-of-foot pain and arch pain still but not so bad that I can’t run on it.  I ice my foot after a run and baby it a little with Arnica rubs and taping the arch.  No long run last weekend…I volunteered at a 25K trail race and got to do lots of visiting with other runners and made a couple of new friends.
Bandera was last weekend and I’m loving reading all the race reports!  Liza Howard from San Antonio won the 100k womens race and I’m in awe of her time of 9:33.  She broke the course record by an hour!  Amazing.  HERE is her race report.
Gotta go, we are headed out to see “Hood to Coast” and hopefully it will be as entertaining and motivating as all the hype says it is!