Monday, September 6, 2010

Do-Wacka-Do Training

First blog entry! Not sure how consistent I'll be with this blogging thing, but since I do enjoy reading other runners blogs so much I'm going to give it a go.  I want to have a  record to look back on someday of my trail running and races.

I'm 19 days out from the Do-Wacka-Do 25K in Erick, OK.  This is a first year trail race and I'm super excited to run it.  My friend and daughter-in-law will be making the drive with me and they are running the 5 miler. 

My training has been picking up and I'm happy so far with how it's been going the last two months.  The IT Band is still making it's presence known, but is tolerable.  I'm icing three times a day, taking homeopathic anti-inflammatories daily, foam rolling, stretching, yoga and hip strengthening. 

I thought about signing up for Turkey & Taturs 25K next weekend but am afraid that the hills might be to much for the IT Band and I'll set myself back to much.  So I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing and hope that I can keep building mileage.  I'm up to about 22 miles per week now with my last weekend long run of 12 miles. 

So excited that fall is almost here and I'll be able to run trails again with no poison ivy, snakes or chiggers to worry about!


  1. First comment on first entry...yep...look forward to many great posts and even better runs...
    press on

  2. Julie, welcome to the blog world! Looking forward meeting you, hopefully, at Palo Duro, and best of luck this upcoming race! My hubby is from OK, so may be one weekend we'll swing by for a race:)

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