Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Compression Socks Make My Legs Happy

I recently bought a pair of compression socks so I could see if there was really anything to them.  After every run, I put on the socks and wear them for a few hours.  Amazingly, I've seen a huge difference!  My recovery time is cut in half and my legs feel better than they have felt in years.  I ran my longest run ever Saturday and wore the compression socks for several hours afterwards.  Sunday I had some slight leg soreness but not nearly as much as I thought I would. Monday my legs felt absolutely perfect and rarin' to go.  That is not typical for me at ALL.

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried compression socks or sleeves and if they have noticed a huge difference in recovery time as I have?  Also, do you wear the sleeves or socks?  And do you wear them while running or just afterwards?

By the way, the brand I have is Zensah and while I like them a lot, they were pretty pricey.  I would guess that all compression garments work pretty much the same and one brand would be as good as any other, but since Zensah is the only brand I have tried, I can't say for sure.   



  1. For recovery, I like to wear compression socks. I have 2XU compression socks...works wonders. When I run long, I wear Zensah calf sleeves. I also wear 2XU calf sleeves at times. I haven't notice any difference. For my arm, I wear Moeben sleeves to keep my arms cool on sunny days. Like you said, I think all compression stuff works about the same. For me, it works. Wish they weren't soo pricey.

  2. I found some cheap(er) ones the other day. They are on sale at Running Warehouse.com for $17.95 I believe. Never heard of the brand..but am thinking about trying them out. I need some Moeben sleeves! Gosh, I think I spend more on running clothes and accessories than work clothes, weekend clothes and evening dress clothes put together. :) It's an addiction!

  3. I've never tried compression socks or sleeves, but I highly recommend running warehouse - by far the best online running retailer I've tried. If you use the discount code from Endurance Buzz (buzzd) you get even more off their already great prices.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and keep on trucking. Maybe we'll run into each other at an ultra somewhere one of these days (btw, that double dirty dozen looked like a great event - the swag bag reminded me of the old Sunmart race).

  4. Thanks for the rec. I've never tried compression socks before but since I'm starting to up my mileage, I will.