Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Touch of P.F.

Rockledge Rumble 30K is fast approaching (Saturday), and I have developed some plantar fasciitis.  Ruh-oh! 
I noticed it during my long run on Saturday and my left foot has been achy and sore ever since.  Especially when I first get up in the morning.  So no running for me this week.  I’ve been icing it several times a day and taking some Traumeel which is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Does anyone know anything else that I should/could be doing for it?  It’s hurting right along my arch and a little ways up the side of my foot towards my ankle. 
I’ve ran 24 miles so far in November and I’ll have 21 miles on Saturday but it looks like I might have a little catching up to do after this week for my November 100 mile challenge.  Hopefully this PF will go away quickly.  It doesn’t feel very bad yet, so I think there is hope?!?! 

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