Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning At Draper Trails

This morning O.T.R.A. met at Lake Draper trails for our Saturday run.  It was laid back and we all talked and drifted off into different groups by pace and the distances we decided to do.  Draper felt pretty easy and flat after running in Arkansas last weekend! :)
I got in 11 miles but it wasn't easy or pretty. Lots of walk breaks and gimping around.  My ITB and hip pain has gotten a lot worse and I'm having Graston Technique done on it Monday.  Has anyone else had any experience with this? And if so, could you let me know what you think?  I think I need to take some time off of running (wahhh!!) to try to get this hip pain under control. 

So since I was running so slow, I took some pictures and tried to enjoy the slower pace.  Draper has some interesting things on the trail.  Love the warning sign about escaped convicts.  There is also the remnants of an old farmstead along the green loop.  It's very old and I'm guessing is probably from an old house built in the Land Run days. 

We got some rain last night and it was a cool gorgeous morning.  I wish every morning was just like this.  (except with maybe a healthy hip and IT band!)   :) 

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  1. You always have the best pictures!
    Thanks for your advice on the IT band issues. I'm sure that's what it is. The last couple of months I've really slacked on my weight training and I really have to focus on that. It just drives me crazy. But I started today and I hope it will clear up fast. It doesn't even hurt too bad to roll it which is a good sign because I've had it so bad where it hurts to just touch it.
    I've had the Graston Technique done. It hurts but I think it works. It's been several years but that and rest seemed to be the only thing that would clear it up before when I was in the acute phase of IT band pain. I hope we both get better real quick!