Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do-Wacka-Do Needs You..

One of my favorite races last year was Do-Wacka-Do.  It's in Erick, OK and the race is held on the Sandy Sanders Wildlife Managment Area.  The views are gorgeous! Most of the course is dirt double track with a bit of single track thrown in.  It benefits the Roger Miller Museum.  Roger Miller (King of the Road and Dowackado were among his many famous songs) was from Erick, OK and the race entry includes a free museum pass. 

Sadly, the race may not go on.  From the race director, Joel Everett:
The run is in jepordy!!!! Beginning Jan1, 2011 everyone who enters any Oklahoma Wildlife Area MUST HAVE a hunting, fishing or Passport lisence,which cost $25 and $26. You must go to a business who sells lisence or pay $3 to get it on line. This is in addition to the race cost. We think this will be cost prohibitive, butwe will have it if we can get 50 people to say they will come anyway. Please post AS...
AP on the event page or on Joel Everett or Retta Snowden's wall. if you plan to enter this event and which run
The DO-WACKA-DO 5Mile. 25K, 50K Trail Run on Erick, Oklahoma's rugged Sandy Sanders WMA is one of the first and most ambitious trail run projects in Western Oklahoma. This will be a top flite run with lots of goodies and fun included.

DO-WACKA-DO, in honor of Roger Miller's song of the same name (and with Mary Miller's permission) is a benefit for the Roger Miller Museum, a non-profit organization in Erick.

The DO-WACKA-DO Trail Runs are designed to attract runners of all abilities locally, regionally and eventually on a national scale.

This really is a great race and is so much fun.  Hopefully there will be enough participants that don't mind the extra cost and decide to run it.  The way I look at it is, even with having to buy the license and pay the race fee, it's still cheaper than most road marathons!  And it's only a two hour drive west of Oklahoma City.



  1. I hope the race goes ahead. It certainly looks like a great run. We have some races in wilderness areas where the entry fee is very high but then it includes a compulsory donation to wildlife conservation. These races are still full and all have waiting lists.

  2. Julie thanks for visiting my blog!! This race looks beautiful... I hope it goes thru. One of my best friends lives in Yukon, OK.

  3. A hunting license? That is crazy! Make sure you wear your hunting gear!

  4. Looks like a really fun race! I hope you get enough participants for it to go on! I love all your pictures!