Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ahh Chiggers, How I Hate Thee

Chiggers, aka Trombiculid Mites..the scourge of the earth. (along with ticks and horseflies)
Microscopic little devils

Pretty sure I won't be running out at Lake Thunderbird on the Clear Bay trails until fall. Unluckily for me, Oklahoma is in one of the high concentration areas for chigger country.  Jade and I were out there Sunday night for an 8 mile run and got dive bombed and bit by horseflies as well as devoured by chiggers.  It's now 4 days later and my legs look like I have chicken pox and the itching is driving me insane.  Anyone know any good remedies?  Is there anything that will truly keep the stupid little freaks from latching on to you in the first place?  I did forget to spray, and usually use a natural bug repellent that seems to work ok everywhere except out at Lake Thunderbird.  


  1. Rubbing Alcohol before you go out will keep them off. If you get them, apply rubbing alcohol three or four times a day and they will be gone in three days.

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