Friday, April 5, 2013

Mountain Running - Oklahoma Style!

Okay, so there are not many options in central and western Oklahoma when a runner is needing some serious hill training.  Eastern Oklahoma has some big beautiful mountains, but for us in central Oklahoma wanting a quick trip on a Saturday for some good hill work, the Wichita's work best.  So our bi-monthly training sessions have begun again this year in preparation for Angel Fire!  Last Saturday we drove down early and did a quick lap up/down Mt. Scott (3 miles up 3 miles down) and then one lap on Dog Run Hollow (6 mile loop).  Great fun as always and it's early enough in the year that there were no rattlesnake sightings, no tarantulas or scorpions on Mt. Scott and no heatstroke.  SCORE!

I brought food from home and practiced my Paleo eating like a dutiful patient.  (oh-I need to blog about the Paleo part. Doctors orders for the gallbladder and digestive issues. It's having the surprising effect of completely curing my migraines..)   I ate a mix of chia seeds, hemp seeds and buckwheat soaked in coconut milk and sliced banana before I ran. During the run I fueled up with homemade date, coconut, almond butter and dried cherry bites. After the run I ate boiled eggs, and orange and an apple.  I love healthy eating.  :)

Some pictures from our fun day:

On the way up Mt. Scott

Peggy, me, Nancy, Tanya and Amy at the base of Mt. Scott

Peggy flying down

Tanya zipping down the mountain

David and Emerson on the way up

Nancy powering up

Nancy at the top of an empty Mt. Scott parking lot

Having fun on Dog Run Hollow

Amy, Tanya and Peggy

 A little cliff-side trail yoga

Amy practicing some trail yoga


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