Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day - 3 Earth-Friendly Things You Can Do Today

1. Think green when you clean with natural and homemade cleaning products.  Vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda will make your house sparkle and smell good naturally and safely.  Instructions for a non-toxic cleaning kit here -

2. Plant a tree every Earth Day! Trees generate oxygen, provides air pollution control and shade which keeps cities and homes cooler.  For $15.00, you get a one-year membership to the Arbor Day Foundation and 10 free trees! If you don't have room to plant all ten on your property, give some away or help plant them in your neighborhood.  This is a great activity for kids who love to get their hands dirty and a great learning opportunity for them too.

3.  Walk or ride a bike.  Rethink those small trips to the store and how you get there.  Utilize that bike sitting in the garage or your own two feet and kill two birds with one stone.  Exercise AND using less gas.

Just a few quick reminders of small things that add up to big things.


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  1. We planted 3 trees last fall...they are just now starting to bud! My 9 year old daughter did most of the digging! I'm planning on running to work 3 days a week starting next week. I think that will cut back my carbon footprint big time. Thanks for the post.