Monday, June 18, 2012

Favorite Things

I like reading about what other runners & athletes are using and products they love--I discover so many cool things!  Here are my current fave's.. 

1. Still digging the green smoothies.  I have one every morning and they have evolved a little since I first got my Vitamix and figured out my favorite combinations.  Usual ingredients: 1 Scoop Vega hemp & pea protein powder, chia seed, PB2 powder, Matcha green tea powder, spirulina, kelp, aloe vera juice, coconut, sunflower seeds, kale, spring mix lettuce, banana, orange, blueberries and some frozen mixed berries or mango. I have more energy and am recovering from workouts so much faster! Vitamix+Fresh Organic Greens and Fruit ROCKS!  Love.
(Picture found on Google images)

2.  Amphipod Hydraform Lite handheld water bottles.  Most comfortable handheld I've ever found and I truly forget that I'm even carrying it.  It has a nice sized pocket too that fits 2 gels and my keys.

3.    Runners Defense pepper spray--while I've never had to use it (knock on wood), I always carry it with me.  I like that it has a small strap for your hand so you don't have to hold on to it..yet it's there and ready should you need to blast a bad guy or vicious animal.

4.  Brooks running skirts! Cute and super comfortable.  Makes me feel fast.  :)

5.  Something I discovered while fastpacking in the Grand Canyon is dried banana chips.  They tasted so good, settled good on my tummy and gave me lots of energy.  They are also easy to pack in little baggies in a hydration vest pocket and easy to eat on the go. 

Happy Running! 


  1. I like those bottles but they are hard to find here in SA. I run early in the morning and it is now dark even when I finish due to winter. I carry that same pepper spray every morning.

    1. Hi Johann! Have you ever sprayed yours? I have always thought that I might need to practice with it so I know how far it shoots, etc.

  2. Hey Julie! Great post! I've been wanting to try the green smoothies forever. Yours sound tasty! Do you use specific measurements for each of the items?

  3. I have two of those things! The Amphipod is also my favorite handheld. I have pepper spray as well. When I lived in the country, I always ran with it because of all of the weirdo dogs in the country. In the city, I don't need it. I'm not worried about the 2 legged predators at least. :o)