Monday, August 15, 2011

25K or 50K..that is the question

Soooooo glad to see some sub 100 degree days starting to make appearances.  It's been a rough summer here in Oklahoma.  Record breaking heat with day after day of 110+ degree temps.  As a person who is not fond of the heat, it's been rough .'s mid August and the end is in sight!  :)  

I'm now starting week 5 of training for Palo Duro 50K.  To get through the first few very hot weeks of training I had to rely on doing all of my runs early.  Really really early! As in 4:45 am early.  And surprisingly, I enjoyed them!  Could be that a leopard can change it's spots, since not only do I not enjoy hot temps but I've never been a morning runner either.  And now I am!  It's quiet, the stars are bright and beautiful and I get to spend a little quality time with Ladybird.  It's really been the only time I can possibly run.  By 9:00 am it's over 90 degrees outside and it wasn't dropping below 100 degrees until after 10:00 pm.  Crazy!  So ya do what ya gotta do.

Running with my girl

Thankfully, I am feeling good and running strong. (!)  Running about 30-34 miles a week and although I can still feel the ever present ITB tightness and hip bursitis, it seems to be gradually diminishing.  I'm seeing a chiropractor regularly as well as keeping on top of my nutrition, stretching and hip strengthening exercises.   Since I am feeling good I am considering bumping up from the 25K next month at Do-Wacka-Do to the 50K and using the race as a training run for Palo Duro 50K in October.  I need a 22 mile training run that day and my reasoning is that I could run the 22 miles and then run/walk the remaining 9-10 miles and take it easy.  Thoughts anyone? 

I'm getting so excited for fall races and cooler weather that I can hardly stand it...fall fever is a real thing! And I have it! 

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